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Sri Lanka is an amazing place with rich culture and history. Many of this is somewhat unknown to most people in Europe, America or any of the great continents since Sri Lanka is a relatively small island just South of India. However, with the freshest Sri Lanka news you can stay updated in what’s going on in Sri Lanka at all times so stick around! You won’t regret it. Sri Lanka has been part of our history for a good 3000 years, which is quite amazing. Today, Sri Lanka is growing both economically and culturally at a glamorous rate, which is going to lead to it becoming more and more developed in the upcoming years. However, every country has it’s struggles and unfortunately, Sri Lanka news often consists of violent events and military outbursts.

For example, there has been a day-long strike on Friday, Dec. 4 by private bus operators which crippled services and forced the Government to rethink certain traffic lines and other aspects of public transport. The state owned Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB), which had increased its operational fleet, has still been unable to cope with the increasing demand of bus lines and public transport which led to the outburst by protesters. Protesters badly damaged 128 of the company’s buses which means more and more expenses for the Transport Board. As it is clearly seen, Sri Lanka news are not always pleasant. However, the news are a good source to keep tabs on the brighter aspects of the country’s every day life as well. For example, Sri Lanka news reported that the country has been officially free from Malaria, a deadly disease as of September 5, 2016.

Sri Lanka was declared malaria-free at the 69th Session of the World Health Organisation which is clearly another milestone in in the country’s outstanding achievements regarding public health. With the deadly disease affecting many of Africa’s, India’s and other continents’ countries, Sri Lanka’s achievement is surely a great inspiration for everyone. As Sri Lanka news reported, the only other country to have achieved malaria eradication in the WHO’s South-East Asian region is the Maldives, so the fight against Malaria is still a relevant issue.

While these malaria-free countries do provide an important breakthrough for the South Asia region as a whole, it is very important to keep in mind, that many other countries do not share such luck in fighting this deadly disease. However, with new research underway, the fight against the disease is strong as ever! If you want to stay updated on the great achievements of Sri Lanka, then reading Sri Lanka news is a great way to do so. By exploring our page you may get to know buddhism, one of the greatest religion in the world, which has been an essential part of Sri Lanka for hunderds of years. In our other articles, you may find interesting information about the country’s demographics, religion and society. Read Sri Lanka news and stay updated!