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Always wanted to get to know Sri Lanka and its weather, economics, religion and everyday happenings? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Truly informative Sri Lanka info is somewhat hard to come by these days but you need to search no further. You’ll find everything relevant on our page. Sri Lanka is a small island just south of India, however the culture inside and the information available on Sri Lanka is not small by any means. Every day, something happens in this small island and relevant Sri Lanka info is always interesting to read. For example, if you are a tourist, then you’ll be pleased to know about Sri Lanka, that the climate is very enjoyable throughout the whole year, considering it stays around 30 degrees.

There is more rain in the autumn and winter but the weather stays ever warm. Most people visit Sri Lanka for the ocean so you’ll also be pleased to know that the ocean is not too cold whenever you may want to visit. It is perfect for snorkeling, bathing and surfing especially on the Southern shores. Sri Lanka info also consists of the country’s heritage, therefore whoever is interested in religion, will find a lot of interesting information about Buddhism. Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country which means several religions are in practice. However, buddhists comprise 70 percent of the population with the Theravada school of it being the most relevant and dominant. For someone who is into religion and Buddhism, Sri Lanka must be visited because of the rich cultural and religious heritage. An interesting Sri Lanka info is that Sri Lanka has the longest continuous history of Buddhism of any predominately nation that claims itself Buddhist.

This is quite the achievement and this history dates back thousands of years. Sri Lanka is a developing country, therefore there is a lot of news covering the every day life of this small island. Whoever wants to know more about Sri Lanka, should also take the time to find out what’s happening in the country these days. Contrast to the nice weather and rich culture, not all is good in Sri Lanka. Water supply, for example has always been a center of problems in Sri Lanka and with 2 of the biggest companies heading towards financial crisis, this becomes even more serious. Sri Lanka state-run National Water Supply and Drainage Board is now on a collision course towards financial crisis due to the inability to service loans taken for new projects.

This may very well mean that the people of Sri Lanka will suffer from the lack of available fresh water. In the past few year more water supply projects had been built thanks to loans from China, India and Korea, however these loans may cause the bankrupcy of the mentioned companies. This means the government will have to figure out how to solve this situation if it wants to provide water for its residents. Sri Lanka info includes the most relevant and interesting stories one can read about the island of Sri Lanka. If you are still interested and want to read more in depth about Sri Lanka, then browse our page and enjoy your time!