Get to know Sri Lanka from online sources!

Have you wondered what life is like on Sri Lanka? A lot of people have heard about this small island just South from India but not everyone has personally visited Sri Lanka. Well, they don’t know what they are missing! If you plan on visiting the small island that is Sri Lanka, then Sri Lanka web info is a great source for you to find out what is interesting about Sri Lanka, what the weather is like, why it is a great tourist attraction and why it is worth it to visit this small island of enormous and rich culture. Sri Lanka web info is the perfect source for you and your friends or family to get to know Sri Lanka and all its curiosities. For example, did you know that the pre-history of Sri Lanka goes back more than 125,000 years and possibly even as far back as 500,000 years?

A very interesting fact indeed which shows just how old the culture of Sri Lanka really is. Sri Lanka is a relatively small island with a population a little over 20 million. For anyone wondering about spoken languages, Sinhalese and Tamil are the two official languages but English is defined as a link language by the constitution so you don’t need to worry too much if you don’t speak either of the native tongues. Needless to say, countless tourists visit Sri Lanka each year and anyone who wants to do the same, Sri Lanka web info is the greatest source of information before commencing travel. Some people go for the big cities, some people go for the exotic rural areas. For city dwellers, visiting Colombo, the financial and official capital of the country, is a must.

You will find a lot of interesting sights, museums and curiosities. For people who prefer rural areas and the exotic nature of Sri Lanka, the tea and rice fields and tropical rainforests provide a lot to explore. There are also ancient remnants of cities and palaces which is surely a sight for any eyes, especially a photographer’s. Sri Lanka web info gives a great list of what sights to visit, so stick around if you want to plan an eventful and lasting journey. Anyone who is interested in relegion will find Sri Lanka to be a great place to study Buddhism, since the majority of people are buddhists and the main religion is Buddhism. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka in the second century BC by the efforts of a great leader, Venerable Mahinda.

Since then, buddhism has spread throughout the island of Sri Lanka and now, it is considered to have the oldest history as a predominantly buddhist nation. A sapling of the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment was brought to Sri Lanka as a gesture of legitimizing the religion as well. Besides buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity is also present in the country so everyone will find their religious group. For those, however who are not interested in religion and only come as tourists mainly for the sights Sri Lanka has a lot to offer as well. Read Sri Lanka web info and get to know the culture, famous sights and religion of Sri Lanka in the matter of minutes with us!